Build a sustainable future and go green with your organisation!
Why Go Green?

Environmental Benefits - Although obvious, the environmental benefits are the main reason you should go green. By using our recycling services you are cutting the amount of electronic waste going to landfill. Shockingly 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year.

Public Recognition - Going green is more than just a trend. It is important to employees and customers. They don't just expect organisations to have a green agenda, but to also be public about this, sharing their ways of helping the environment via the media and internet. Use our services and you can share about us being a partner!

Did You Know?

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1. Only 12.5% of E-Waste Is Currently Recycled

2. In 2009, discarded TVs, computers, peripherals (including printers, scanners, fax machines) mice, keyboards, and cell phones totaled about 2.37 million tons.

3. A large number of what is labeled as "e-waste" is actually not waste at all, but rather whole electronic equipment or parts that are readily marketable for reuse or can be recycled for materials recovery.

4. It takes 530 lbs of fossil fuel, 48 lbs of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water to manufacture one computer and monitor.

Remember The 5 R's

Refuse - to buy products you don’t need

Reduce - don’t be tempted by BOGOF offers on products you will not use

Reuse - there are infinite upcycling ideas, visit Pinterest for 100s of ideas

Repair -if you need any electricals repairing our sister company Rapid IT Ltd can help

Recycle - we will collect and recycle your electrical items for FREE

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