Computer and Laptop Disposal

Many people feel that there aren’t many things to think about when considering computer and laptop disposal. However, there is a lot more involved than simply throwing them in the skip or offering them for sale to the highest bidder.
Computer and laptop disposal is a specialist trade, made even more specialist with the introduction of The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), the Data Protection Act and evermore strict guidelines being introduced within the EEC legislation. Ecological computer and laptop disposal is now at the top of the agenda in the government’s eyes.
Rises in landfill tax, twinned with the decrease in new IT equipment product prices, have made it even more important to carefully and properly go through the computer and laptop disposal procedures to ensure that you don’t end up breaking the law and harming the environment (and your pocket) all at the same time.
Data destruction is a common problem which can only be guaranteed with a professional a specialist IT disposal company.
The most logical solution is computer recycling. Computer and laptop disposal companies are now more economical than ever and the emphasis is truly about the environment and helping the needy. By donating your unwanted computer equipment to IT recycling companies like ourselves, you are single-handedly helping towards the futures of more needy people who can benefit from the newly refurbished equipment that we create during the computer and laptop disposal process.
Contact us for information how you can help protect the environment and aid in the future of less privileged individuals. Our dedicated team are always on hand to help you with any of your computer and laptop disposal needs.
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