Data destruction is a process governed by the Data Protection Act that ensures the practice of confidential data destruction as a necessity for any private or public sector company specialising in the computer recycling and reusing of electrical equipment industry. Information stored within data holding parts contained within any office or IT equipment and portable media devices such as USB disks, CD’s, DVD’s and taped cassettes needs to be thoroughly erased before the commencement of the data destruction of the physical device. At LCWS, we ensure our customers’ piece of mind by using numerous ways to carry out the data destruction of their information bearing software and hardware. Firstly, we offer our clients on-site data wiping services designed to show our clients that once their equipment leaves their premises, there is no live data on the hardware and that their data is safely disposed of before we take away the equipment. We do this via data disposal. Data disposal is carried out in the event that the component is in as healthy a state that it can be successfully reused in another machine. If the device is of full working capacity it needs to have the information stored therein erased and overwritten and this can be done on-site. Once back at the depot, we can proceed with the physical of components not deemed fit enough for reuse or repair and will dismantle, organise and destroy the components using a shredding device designed to disintegrate the parts into small fragments that are unable to be reconnected and used again. Once the data destruction process begins and parts enter the shredder there will be no further use for them other than to be melted down and recycled to build new products for the IT industry. The shredder has the ability to alter the sizes of the fragments it shreds. The components of IT disposal with the highest confidentiality i.e. Governmental data storing software will be made into the smallest particles whereas devices with a low confidentiality rating i.e. public data storing software such as those found in hard drives from the public libraries will be shredded into larger pieces to save time and costs and to reuse the larger pieces to manufacture smaller components of software and hardware without the need to go to the incinerator. Our confidential data destruction at LCWS ensures that we remain the local, freindly Lancashire company who offer enterprise level services for every individual client we come into contact with. Visit the contact section to find out the most suitable process required for the data destruction of your own personal equipment.
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