Data disposal is the protection and correct eradication of a clients personal information that may be stored within their computer or electrical equipment when they decide to go ahead with the computer recycling of their office equipment. Correctly disposing of client data is a process which is closely monitored and assessed by government bodies who put these regulations in place. They understand the need for private information to be carefully meticulously disposed of as they themselves often need to have their electrical equipment go through the data disposal process. Governmental information is arguably the most confidential form of information, however our clients receive no less of a thorough approach from LCWS as when we dispose of data we do it in the same, effective way every time; whether that be for the Government or the average person. Data disposal regulations are governed by the Data Protection Act that ensures the proper disposal of data as a necessity for any private or public sector company that works within the recycling and reusing of electrical equipment sector. Data disposal techniques vary from company to company but the way we do it here at LCWS stands us apart from our competition. We offer enterprise level protection from a local, Lancashire company. We strive to ensure that the security of client information is considered just as important as the protection of the planet by PC recycling the correct and proper way. Get in touch via the contact page to see how our no nonsense approach ensures that data disposal or personal information is as thorough a job as we do here at LCWS.
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