If you need a hard drive destroyed completely and irretrievably, LCWS Computer Recycling can help. Our hard drive destruction service is secure, efficient, and reliable. It allows you to upgrade or replace your computing equipment safe in the knowledge that no personal, business, or sensitive information can be recovered from your hard drive.

When Delete Doesn't Mean Delete

The delete functions that you have on your computer (the delete key on your keyboard, the option to empty your recycle bin, etc.) do not fully remove your files, folders, and personal information. A person with the right skills and equipment can recover all or part of your information if they have your hard drive. Data can even be extracted from a damaged hard drive, too. The only way you can be 100 percent sure that your information is removed from the hard drive completely is by getting it destroyed.

What We Do – The Three Step Destruction Process

Our trained and experienced technicians will take a number of steps to completely destroy your hard drive and remove all trace of the information that was stored on it:

1. Data wiping - this part of the process is done at your location. We use specialist equipment to remove the data from your hard drive. You can verify this before we remove the hard drive from your premises.
2. Stripping - at our depot we strip the hard drive to its component parts. Some parts are repaired and reused, according to WEEE & RoHS regulations, and the Data Protection Act.
3. Destruction - the parts not being reused are destroyed completely, often by shredding.

By going through this process there is no possibility that anything on the hard drive can be recovered, replicated, or accessed in any way.

What You Can Expect

We pride ourselves on the level of service that we offer our customers. It is this level of service that has made us one of the fastest growing computer and electrical recyclers in the UK.

We have developed robust procedures and processes for hard drive destruction, and we use the latest technology. All of our technicians are skilled, trained and experienced. They will complete your job professionally, efficiently, and with a smile. No job is too big or too small (we’ll pick up one machine or make multiple trips if we have to), and we will cause as little disruption to your normal business operations as possible.

What You Get
• Confidentiality
• Efficiency and professionalism
• Knowledge of, and adherence to, all laws and regulations
• Tried and tested hard drive destruction processes that are reliable and robust
• Friendly service
• Competitive prices

To find out more about our hard drive destruction service, or to get a quote, please contact us today.

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