IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal

LCWS offers IT asset disposal services that are efficient, effective, and transparent. We strive to make everything that we do adaptable to your business so that everyone in your IT, finance, and management departments can have confidence in the process.

You can have confidence because we understand the importance of disposal to the lifecycle of an asset. It can be costly if you get it wrong, plus there are security risks if your data is compromised.

We do IT asset disposal the right way, which is why we are trusted by large corporations locally, and by government departments. They trust us because of the systems and processes that we have put in place. They understand exactly what we plan to do and can see when and how we do it.

100 Percent Accuracy, 100 Percent Accountability

At LCWS we understand the importance of trust and effectiveness when it comes to IT asset disposal. This is why we offer guarantees of 100 percent accuracy and accountability when you work with us. We don't hide behind jargon or misinterpreted regulations, and we are not here for the short term. Instead we pride ourselves on building up valuable and long-lasting relationships with our clients built on honesty and transparency.

Central to this are our reporting procedures. These enable us to guarantee 100 percent accuracy and allow you to see exactly where in the process your asset is placed and when it has been successfully disposed of.

Data removal is also paramount to what we do. We use a number of techniques and technologies to ensure your data is completely and irrevocably removed from your asset to protect your business. This starts at your location and is then completed at our state-of-the-art facility, where we strip down the asset to its component parts. Nothing can be recovered, mirrored, or reverse engineered back together.

Benefits Of Our IT Disposal Services

• Help you save money
• They are efficient
• Show you are complying with regulations
• Maintain consistency in your IT inventory


We can generate revenue from your IT asset, so we make sure the process is totally transparent. You will be able to see, analyse, and audit our potential revenue sources to give you added confidence in our overall procedures.

Plus, you know that we are totally committed to recycling for the benefit of the environment and people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Everything that we do complies with government and EU directives, so is legally sound, as well as being ethical.

Why Choose Us?

Clients choose us because we offer local values and ethics combined with enterprise levels of service. We have experience in dealing with IT assets and companies of all sizes, so will be able to deal with your equipment effectively and efficiently. You will find our team professional, knowledgeable, and discreet. We will tailor a package and a quotation to suit your needs, and we keep our prices as affordable as possible.

If you would like to find out more about our IT disposal services, or you would like to arrange a quote, you should give us a call today
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