IT disposal isn’t the correct term to use, however. We dispose of the items from your business so that you can move your IT infrastructure forward, but it is what we do with the old equipment that is the real value of the service. How we handle and secure your data is also crucially important. Collection We will tailor a solution to suit your needs. This could involve collecting a handful of broken keyboards or faulty monitors, or it could mean clearing all the IT equipment in an office. We operate mainly in Lancashire but cover the wider northern region as well. Data Removal If the machine we are dealing with contained data, private, or personal information we will use state-of-the art equipment to remove it before leaving your premises. This is a process you can observe and/or verify if you wish. Later, when we get back to our depot, we take the data removal process a stage further by completely stripping and destroying the component so nothing is recoverable. Stripping The equipment is then stripped down to its component parts and everything is tested. Refurbish We repair and refurbish as many of the components as we can so they can be used in other machines. These machines are donated or sold to organisations that work with vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Repairing and refurbishing as much as possible also reduces the number of items that have to go for complete recycling, which reduces the overall cost. Recycle The components that cannot be repaired or refurbished are sent for recycling. The recycled products make new IT equipment. This equipment is also used to help those in society who don’t have access to mainstream IT. Why Choose Us? Our customers trust us with their IT disposal needs because of the high standard of service that we provide. This applies to large customers and small, with every job and client treated the same regardless of size. Our team of professional and skilled technicians will work in a way that causes you the least disruption possible, while completing the job effectively and efficiently. Your IT will be ethically and legally recycled in accordance with government directives and legislation. We are a friendly and helpful bunch too. Contact us today if you have any question, or would like a quotation.
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