Laptop recycling or PC recycling is the process of dismantling, repairing where necessary, refurbishing and reusing of all components obtained when carrying out a laptop recycle. At LCWS, we use these refurbished component to repair broken laptops in order to be distributed at discount prices to needy individuals, underprivileged schools, charitable training centres and non-profit companies etc.. We are a small company based in Lancashire and endeavour to reuse and recycle as many parts as possible in order to minimise the need for landfill. Components that are surplus to requirements when recycling laptops are dismantled into their component parts such as metals, plastics and glass in order to be reused again in the computer recycling process. Laptop recycling is an important part of The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE); a governmental initiative designed to reduce the amounts of waste reaching landfill. Recycling laptops is one of the most important aspects of the directive as: Laptops contain toxic materials and substances deemed unsuitable for landfill. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) has been brought it to tackle landfill pollution. This perfectly suits the way we operate at LCWS. Laptop recycling is the dismantling and organisation of individual laptop parts to be recycled. Nothing goes to waste in our process. We pride ourselves in offering this enterprise service with a friendly smile to our clients at no cost so they can be assured that with LCWS, their unwanted equipment will be carefully and properly recycled without the need to worry about toxic pollution. When laptop recycling, our uniformed and friendly staff will collect your equipment without any fuss. No collection is too big or too small. Thorough recycling of all office and electrical equipment is at the top of our agenda and therefore no collection will be deemed too large or too small. We will make multiple trips if required in order to ensure the products are safely and legally disposed of. We cause minimal amounts of disruption to your organisation and ensure that all data is thoroughly wiped free from hard drives and data storing devices before we leave the premises. Once we get back to our HQ, we will commence with the physical data destruction of each part. Your online security and protection will not be jeopardised when you choose to laptop recycle via LCWS. Contact us by following the link and fill in our form or speak to one of our friendly staff who will be on hand to answer any laptop recycling problems or queries you may be struggling with. We are here to help both you and the environment
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