PC recycling, which is often referred to as computer recycling or IT recycling is the process of dismantling, refurbishing and reusing electrical IT equipment from faltering machinery and using the working parts to assemble a fully functioning piece of equipment without the need to send these components to landfill. This new equipment is then sold on or donated to individuals and establishments in the most need for this equipment. Companies who offer PC recycling often generate learning capabilities for underprivileged individuals and those with learning disabilities to help aid their progression in life. At LCWS, our PC recycling capabilities enable us to send zero amounts of IT disposal to landfill, allow us to recycle 99% of unwanted computer equipment and allows us to successfully reassemble newly refurbished units with the working and repaired components of the older units. Our PC recycling service is fully legitimate and in accordance with The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) which is an initiative introduced by the government to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and reduce the amounts of waste heading to landfill. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business get rid of your old, unwanted IT equipment and help us to provide PC recycling services to aid underprivileged individuals whilst at the same time ensuring the reduction of unnecessary waste heading to landfill.
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