Our computer recycling services, otherwise known as electrical recycling is the process of reusing working parts from faulty or damaged electrical devices, combined them to create refurbished equipment and recycling of parts that are of no use to the consumer.

It is now a necessity under The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) to reuse, where possible, any waste computer or electrical equipment in order to increase the popularity of computer recycling which in turn will reduce the amounts of electrical goods going to landfill.

The process of computer recycling involves the most thorough standards of data destruction and security is assured regarding hard drive destruction and confidential data disposal.

We carry out the destruction of data in house and ensure that, using the most up-to-date software on the market, every hard drive we receive is totally wiped free and is double checked to confirm it is fully rid of any data stored therein.

LCWS are specialists in computer recycling and reusing of electrical items. We work with unwanted computer equipment; offering PC recycling, recycling of IT equipment, laptop recycling or a number of electrical appliances and collect from anywhere throughout the UK

We make repairs where possible to faulty equipment in order to reduce the amounts of waste from each individual computer.

Our computer recycling service is there to find a home for equipment that is of no use to others. We work directly with various colleges, schools and organisations to recycle and replace their old equipment and turn it into newer, more robust electricals.

LCWS are a local, friendly and a more caring alternative than our fellow computer recycling companies. We offer service with a smile and will personally collect your unwanted office equipment and turn it into something new for the benefit of others.

We are a small, friendly company who operate in the Lancashire region and have no minimum or maximum quantity regarding the collection of your IT equipment. We’re willing to do multiple trips and are simply happy to be making a difference to the environment when offering our computer recycling service to you and your organisation.

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